What Can You Grow with AirGrown Systems?

The Question is, “What CAN’T you grow with AirGrown Systems?!”

Vegetables BEAUTIFUL BASIL Haven't you ever wanted to select your fresh basil directly from a plant? AirGrown Systems offers this advantage to you whether you are seasoning or garnishing, AirGrown herbs are better than anything you can buy! LOADS OF LETTUCE We all want to eat healthier and that often includes more salads. AirGrown Systems allows you to enjoy many varieties of lettuce that are fresher, cleaner, healthier, and tastes much better! PERFECT PEPPERS Have you ever picked perfect peppers? Have you ever tasted peppers directly from an aeroponic system? As you watch your peppers grow everyday, the pleasure awaits you with AirGrown Systems. SENSATIONAL STRAWBERRIES Once you tasted the succulent strawberries that AirGrown Systems provides to you, going back to the market is impossible. Harvesting fruit when you want to eat it offers the highest nutritional value, besides the best taste ever!

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