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The AirGrown Tower & Reservoir
Irrigation Manifold
Baskets & Covers
Eco Plus 1267 Pump
Short Cycle Timer
Rockwool Starter Cubes
10×20 Tray
pH Up and pH Down
MaxiGrow 2.2 Lb Bag
pH Meter and Calibrating Solution
TDS Meter and Calibrating Solution


AirGrown Systems Personal Garden

Grows Faster

Increase in Bio-Essentials

Uses Less Water than Hydroponics

Food Tastes Better



(Plus Tax & Shipping)

Perhaps you are a grower and already have the materials that you need. We offer the AirGrown Basic System with just the essential materials required.

This system includes the AirGrown tower and reservoir, irrigation manifold, baskets and covers, ECO Plus 1267 pump, and the short cycle timer.

The AirGrown Basic System provides just what you need to get started growing now!


Changing the way the world grows…AirGrown Systems

Aeroponics Make the Difference.

AirGrown™ Systems unique design allows for better distribution of light to all the plants in the system resulting in healthier, stronger plants than in other vertical growing systems. The use of internal irrigation provides nutrients directly to the roots and its overlapping spray system acts as a backup safety measure—when a misting jet clogs up, the mist from other the root system will still be reached by the other jets on that level.

AirGrown™ Systems is a vertical aeroponic plant growing system in which the plant roots are allowed to grow in a hollow manifold that uses a programmed misting cycle to provide nutrient rich water directly to the plant roots. The AirGrown™ System also controls other essential growing elements such as water temperature and pH levels.

Used in a micro-controlled greenhouse environment and following organic growing practices, the AirGrown™ System eliminates the impact of uncontrollable weather conditions —too dry, too wet, too cold, too hot— and greatly reduces the need for herbicides and pesticides. The AirGrown™ System allows for greater absorption of oxygen by the plant root system greatly increasing the growth of the plant, the plant yield, and the longevity of the plant.


You Can Always Add to AirGrown Systems…


Personal Garden

Grow cleaner, fresher, healthier, and tastier food than you’ve ever experienced in your life. Never pay those outrageous prices for organic foods again–now you can grow what you want with all of the ease and benefits at home! With AirGrown™ Systems, your personal produce market is at home!

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Family Garden

The AirGrown™ Family Garden results are truly impressive! Now everyone can afford to join the locally-grown produce movement for healthier & fresher food with lower costs. The entire family will enjoy the fun in growing clean food. The rewards of an AirGrown™ Family Garden are never-ending!

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Commercial Systems

Join the profitable farming sector with aeroponic farming on a large scale. AirGrown™ System towers are the perfect vehicle for high yield and profits. Get out of the soil and the problems associated with the old standard way of growing–and let us show you how to get off the ground with aeroponics

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