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The AirGrown vertical aeroponic growing system is a game changer for the plant growing industry. Whether you are growing your personal garden or are a large scale commercial grower, you can benefit from using AirGrown Systems. You will be amazed at the higher quality and yield!

Consider the significant benefits for growing your plants aeroponically with AirGrown Systems vertical towers—the results are truly remarkable!

• Faster Plant Growth
• Longer Growing Season
• Greater Quality Yield
• Lower Operating Costs
• Smaller Footprint
• Ease of Harvest
• Eco-Friendly
• Superior Taste
• Clean Safe Products
• Organic Certification
• Ease of Tending Plants
• Non-Polluting System
• Modular and Expandable

What’s the AirGrown™ Advantage?
Expect much greater yield
(up to 20 times for some plants)
and faster growth rates
(up to 45% faster) and so much more…

AirGrown is Always Fresh
The AirGrown™ System is extremely versatile and offers year-round growing capabilities for your health and enjoyment.

You can always add more towers to your existing system. Take a look at the options that AirGrown™ Systems offers and give us a call so that we can answer all of your commercial aeroponic farming questions.

Aeroponic technology has been in existence for many years and it is known mostly from its use by NASA, in experiments to feed astronauts in space and from the greenhouse operated by Disney at Epcot Center. But until AirGrownTM Systems, no one has been able to develop a
commercially-viable vertical aeroponic growing system.

AirGrownTM Systems has many commercial growing applications and is ideal for use in growing vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, medicinal plants, dietary supplements, cosmetics and agro-forestry.

Let us get you off the ground…
you can grow profits from thin air!


Commercial Advantages

A few of the features that maximize the return on investment for commercial farmers:

• No crop rotation required
• Vertical design allows for greater yields per acre
• Re-circulating system ⇒ greater savings in water and nutrients
• Exact control of the 3 growing elements: water, nutrients, and pH
• Ease of maintenance, reduced operating cost, no heavy machinery
• Longest commercial warrantee: minimum 10 years
• Allows growers to control the many uncontrollable variables associated with traditional farming.
• Used in a micro-controlled greenhouse environment and following organic growing practices, the system eliminates the impact of uncontrollable weather conditions – too dry, too wet, too cold, too hot – and the need for herbicides and pesticides.
• Provides the exact amount of nutrients required and controls water temperature and ph balance levels. As well, it allows for the absorption of oxygen through the root system which greatly increases the growth of the plant, the plant yield and the longevity of the plant.


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