Changing the way the world grows…

After many years of research and development, including complex trials with various growing methods (including hydroponics), our one-of-a-kind vertical, aeroponic growing system was created.

Our innovative plant growing system creates tremendous benefits to the consumer from the personal gardener to the large scale farming industry. We are literally changing the way the world grows!

Aeroponic technology has been in existence for many years. Aeroponics is primarily known by the public from its use by NASA in experiments to feed astronauts in space, and from the greenhouse operated by Disney at Epcot Center.

But until AirGrown™ Systems, no one has been able to develop a commercially-viable vertical aeroponic growing system.
AirGrown™ Systems has many commercial growing applications and is ideal for use in growing vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, medicinal plants, dietary supplements, cosmetics and agro-forestry.

The unique modular vertical design of the AirGrown™ System provides significant operating cost reductions, increases sun exposure to the plants with its conical shape, utilizes 75% less space and significantly increases the yield per square foot planted. Each AirGrown™ tower can fit within a 2×3 ft. footprint and has from 30 to 60 plant sites, depending on height.

In Florida, a 2,000sqft greenhouse of strawberries using the AirGrown™ System will produce the same yield as one acre of soil grown strawberries—a twenty fold increase in yield per square foot. The versatility of the AirGrown™ System allows for different plant types to be grown in one tower!

Our Core Values

We Grow Clean Food

AirGrown™ Systems grows the freshest, cleanest, and tastiest food you’ve ever experienced. Our aeroponic food is better than organic because of our unique aeroponic farming solutions. With higher plant access to CO2, water and nutrient hydro-atomization within a controlled environment, AirGrown™ Systems grows the cleanest food possible.

We Pursue Excellence

We pursue excellence in all things AirGrown. Our normal standard has always been ‘excellence’ and we don’t accept anything less when it comes to growing the food that our family will eat. AirGrown™ Systems strives for excellence in every aspect of the aeroponic industry. Additionally, we only use the highest grade materials to build AirGrown™ Systems towers.

We Practice Honesty

We practice honesty in all things AirGrown™ and integrity is one of our fundamental values. We pride ourselves on relaying to you the honest truth with all of our AirGrown™ Systems facts and statistical data. We know you’re interested in growing healthy food and you can count on the veracity of AirGrown™ Systems information. We urge you to contact us if you ever desire further clarification on any matter concerning AirGrown™ Systems.

We Foster Education

AirGrown™ Systems are now in schools and educating students in science, growing methods, healthy foods, and the results are spectacular! Teachers and students alike enjoy the AirGrown™ experience. The magnificent feedback from our schools program has initiated an expansion as we integrate a newly designed syllabus for aeroponic education. Check out AirGrown’s EDUCATION department.

Which AirGrown System is right for you? Basic, Complete, and Commercial Systems COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS The economic benefits to commercial growers—faster growth, smaller horizontal footprint, lower operating costs, year-round growing capabilities and the ability to rapidly address market opportunities—are tremendous compared to traditional farming methods. There is an extraordinary improvement with aeroponics over traditional soil growing methods. Click Here The Basic System includes the essentials necessary to start growing aeroponically. The Complete System offers all of the additional components that will assist your AirGrown™ Systems growing experience. PERSONAL GARDEN SYSTEMS MORE INFO

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AirGrown Systems. Personal Garden Grow cleaner, fresher, healthier, and tastier food than you’ve ever experienced in your life. Never pay those outrageous prices for organic foods again–now you can grow what you want with all of the ease and benefits at home! With AirGrown™ Systems, your personal produce market is at home! Family Gardens The AirGrown™ Family Garden results are truly impressive! Now everyone can afford to join the locally-grown produce movement for healthier & fresher food with lower costs. The entire family will enjoy the fun in growing clean food. The rewards of an AirGrown™ Family Garden are never-ending! Commercial Systems Join the profitable farming sector with aeroponic farming on a large scale. AirGrown™ System towers are the perfect vehicle for high yield and profits. Get out of the soil and the problems associated with the old standard way of growing–and let us show you how to get off the ground with aeroponics!one! More Info More Info More Info

Our Patented Design Makes the Difference.

VERTICAL AirGrown Systems vertical design maximizes sun exposure, allows for the production of a variety of plants on a tower, reduces maintenance, greatly facilitates the harvesting of products and provides significantly higher yields per square foot of ground space. SCALABLE Our scalable AirGrown Systems towers can be expanded from 30 to 60 plant sites. Multiple towers can be combined within one system and the system can easily be installed in established greenhouses. MODULAR Our modular AirGrown System allows grower to segment greenhouse by plant family type which require similar nutrients, pH balance levels, temperature and have similar growing and harvesting cycles. Growers can “architect” their garden which greatly reduces operating costs, provides for extreme versatility in crop rotation and maximizes production output. Find Out More


The AirGrown Tower & Reservoir
Irrigation Manifold
Baskets & Covers
Eco Plus 1267 Pump
Short Cycle Timer
Rockwool Starter Cubes
10x20 Tray
pH Up and pH Down
MaxiGrow 2.2 Lb Bag
pH Meter and Calibrating Solution
TDS Meter and Calibrating Solution
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