The AirGrown Tower & Reservoir
Irrigation Manifold
Baskets & Covers
Eco Plus 1267 Pump
Short Cycle Timer
Rockwool Starter Cubes
10x20 Tray
pH Up and pH Down
MaxiGrow 2.2 Lb Bag
pH Meter and Calibrating Solution
TDS Meter and Calibrating Solution
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Perhaps you are a grower and already have the materials that you need.
We offer the AirGrown Basic System with just the essential materials required.

This system includes the AirGrown tower and reservoir, irrigation manifold,
baskets and covers, ECO Plus 1267 pump, and the short cycle timer.

The AirGrown Basic System provides just what you need to get started!
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"We love our
AirGrown salads!"

Which AirGrown System is right for you? Basic, Complete, and Commercial Systems COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS The economic benefits to commercial growers—faster growth, smaller horizontal footprint, lower operating costs, year-round growing capabilities and the ability to rapidly address market opportunities—are tremendous compared to traditional farming methods. There is an extraordinary improvement with aeroponics over traditional soil growing methods. Click Here The Basic System includes the essentials necessary to start growing aeroponically. The Complete System offers all of the additional components that will assist your AirGrown™ Systems growing experience. PERSONAL GARDEN SYSTEMS MORE INFO